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In the player there is a button to the right of the preview play button. Once you click this, it will immediately begin downloading a tagged mp3 version of the beat. This is available for every track.

When you lease a beat you are paying a small fee for the license and right to use the beat to create a song. You do not own that beat but you do own the song you create with it. You can promote and profit off of the song you create up to certain amount of monetized streams, depending on your license. The beat will still be available for others to lease unless you buy an exclusive license.
You will receive both the untagged WAV and mp3 version of the selected beat. If you purchased track stems, you will receive them in a zip folder. With all of this you will receive a copy of the contract that contains your license details and proof of purchase.
Track stems are the individual parts that make up the beat separated into individual audio tracks. For example, the melody separate from the snare drum, separate from the kick drum, separate from the bassline, etc. This is essential for attaining the highest quality mix and master. It gives the engineer more freedom to tweak all the individual aspects of the song in order to make them fit together perfectly. It also gives them the freedom to create cool drops and transition effects
Yes. You will receive the fully untagged version of the beat in WAV and mp3 format.
You can use it to create a song. You can then put that song on streaming platforms for profit. You may shoot a music video and promote the song as well as perform it. You’re free to do almost anything. You can’t resell or license the beat itself to someone else.

When you put your song up on Spotify or Apple music for example, you get paid based on how many streams you have on a particular song. Monetized streams are the amount of streams that you can attain before having to upgrade your license. Our lowest tier license allows you to attain up to 1 million monetized streams without worrying about royalties. Most of our other licenses are up to 10 million and we even offer unlimited licenses

An exclusive license means that once this license is purchased we will no longer lease that particular beat to any other people. The beat will be taken off the market. Leases that have been purchased before the purchase of your exclusive license will remain unaffected.
All of the samples in our beats have been cleared beforehand so no, you will not have to worry about sample clearance. Breathe easy and just make great music.
Your license will remain active and will be unaffected. Exclusive licenses pull the beat off the market for future leases. It does not apply to leases purchased beforehand.
You will receive the untagged versions of the beat and track stems if you purchased them. You will then select a future date to schedule a meeting to discuss the details and arrange for mixing and mastering and or cover art. You should have your song recorded and ready to begin the process at that date. If you need more time rescheduling is not a problem. In order to mix and master your song we require the pro tools session folder of your song or a folder containing the individual audio tracks in wav format. For cover art we will need any images you would like to use of yourself, logos etc. as well as the details including artist name and title. We will do as many revisions as you need to get it done to your satisfaction within reason. We will go back and forth and work together until you are satisfied.
You will need to contact us to negotiate a deal for exclusive rights. Chances are you are at the point of near exhausting the terms of your license and will need to renegotiate in order to exploit the song to its full potential without limitations. This is a great problem to have. We will work together to come up with terms that are fair for both of us.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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